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Giovanni Di Gregorio

Hi, I'm


and the last 20 years I have been writing scripts for comics, television, cinema, videogames. I collaborate with the most important European publishing houses and production companies to create universes, characters, stories that leave a mark...
Welcome to my world!

+ than 10,000 script pages

+ than 100 published books

+ than 20 episodes of television series

+ than 20 foreign editions

+ di 100,000 sold copies (Grémillet)



"Isn't that what I do too, when I write my diary?

Maybe we all write out of fear ... fear that we will lose the memory of us and of the people we loved ...

This is why we write, with the same blind determination with which Tommy built sand castles by the sea ... "


Dylan Dog Special 28,

Scritti nella sabbia

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